Grave Mistakes is a game project currently in development a team of 10 other people and myself. During the production, I acted as both the Art Director and the Lead Environment Artist, and was responsble for a majority of the modeling work. The entire project seen here, including preproduction, was done in about 20 weeks. For more information and updates on the project, visit here. 


The project is built in Unreal Engine 4, and I personally utilized programs such as Adobe Photoshop CS6/CC, Autodesk Maya 2014, Mari 2.6, Zbrush, Quixel Suite, and xNormal. I was specifically in charge of all of the modeling with the exception of a few props and the characters. I also assited in areas such as texturing, optimizing, lighting, setdressing, and material creation. The project was a learning experience for the whole team, and one of the first game projects for the majority of us.  Throughout the development period I was able to not only developed my artistic skills, but also gained valuable experience in leadership abilities in my position as Art Director and Lead Environment Artist. 


Grave Mistakes

The images shown here are the result of the second "phase" of the project, where we had a clearer idea of what we wanted as a team. The original title for the project was Bad Voodoo, and you can see the early development of the project here if you are interested. 



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